How to Maintain Your Swimming Pool & Keep it Clean

If you are lucky enough to own a swimming pool at your home, make sure you take proper care of it. Failure to maintain your swimming pool results in a unit that is no longer usable or fun. It takes just a few steps to ensure that your pool is in best condition at all times. It is worth the effort to keep your pool at its best.

First, make sure that weekly pool maintenance is something that you adhere too.  Your swimming pool needs several different tasks completed each week to keep it clean, healthy, and ready for everyone to use safely. First, you need to check the pool chemistry and the pH balance. Try to keep the pH between 7.2 and 7.8. The lower the pH level on the scale, the lower the chlorine levels in your pool. The less chlorine, the better.  The skimmer baskets must be cleaned weekly as well. The skimmer is installed on the side of your swimming pool the job is to protect the full service before contaminants dirt and debris is saturated and Float to the bottom.

weekly pool maintenance

The lint pot located at the pool pump needs to be cleaned every couple of weeks. Some pools need a service more often than others. Turn off the pump to clean the spot. This will release pressure in the system as well. Check the water levels in the pool too. The water level should be center of the pool skimmer for the pool tile. When the water is at this level, it will offer best performance. Water that is too low can cause the pump to dry out and burn. Water that is too high will cause an efficient use of the skimmer.